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About Me


I’m dedicated to the grounded realizations of oneness, and how we can create a better world for us all through those understandings. I moved out at 15 and spent my life searching and exploring different forms of expression;  TV acting, modeling, wrestling, business, and bodybuilding. It was all apart of the awakening to my highest potential. Those experiences gifted me with a unique view, allowing me to connect and relate in a way I always hoped possible. Now I am a certified NLP practitioner with a focused goal on unifying this world through just being ourselves.


I am the co-creator of modern nirvana conference; a collective of like-minded people who are interested in health, biohacking, & deeper meaning in life. I trained hard to become a master breathwork instructor for pranashama shamanic yoga institute. I lead workshops and retreats around the world, and I am currently the executive producer for the film Flow State; using entertainment as a tool to transform myself and help others.  I am part of a team producing a concert for 40,000 refugees in Jordan to build an art and music program in their refugee camp. I am also currently launching a global plant based initiative, inspiring people to share their story and convince the people closest to them to consume consciously.


  • International Yoga Alliance Certified with Pranashama Yoga Institute 

  • Received the highest level of  Neuro-Linguistic Programming® certification from the Co-creator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler. 

  • ICF Approved Neuro-Shine Technology Coach™ Certification.

  • Certified Motivational Coach 

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What People Are Saying

Frank Elaridi 

4-time Emmy Winning Journalist ABC and Health/Spirituality YouTuber

“Some of the most psychedelic experiences I’ve had have not been through plant medicine but through breath-work. And one of the best facilitators I have worked with is Bryant Wood. He is passionate and knowledgeable beyond measure. Let him guide your breath to pure bliss”  

Dashama Gordon


Award winning inspirational

speaker, author, and

founder of Pranashama Institute

“Bryant Wood’s unique mastery draws from ancient mysticism, research backed science & real world experience that guides people to experience greater feelings of unconditional love, oneness with source and heightened access to the flow state of consciousness.”

Todd Krim


AKA Mr. Charity

"Bryant is an incredible healer and teacher.  His guided breathing and meditation exercises have helped me learn to relax while increasing my focus, energy, and happiness. I highly recommend his teachings for anyone who wants to evolve and progress for success and self-possession."